Cool N Hot Sears the Field with Super Stakes Open Win

Cool N Hot, by Hottish, scored 227 points to claim the 2018 Super Stakes Open championship under Kobie Wood. It was the first NCHA Triple Crown event win for Wood, ranked eighth, with $5,254,419, among all-time NCHA money earners, since 1988.

Courtesy of National Cutting Horse Association
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Leather Craft

The origin of leather craft is difficult to trace. It’s believed that the art form has been around as long as humans have inhabited the earth. 

By, Whitney Benton, Photo credit, Miss Millers Photography
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Dust Management

Riding arenas, particularly indoor arenas, are plagued with dust problems. Dust causes eye and nose irritations and contributes to respiratory damage in both horse and rider.

Courtesy of PennStates Extension
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