Vetericyn® Animal Wellness Invests in Rodeo Athlete Ambassador Team

Vetericyn® Animal Wellness Invests in Rodeo Athlete Ambassador Team with the purpose to educating animal owners and improve the lives of animals with innovative animal health solutions. Vetericyn, a leader in equine wellness products, announced

Entries Accepted for May Internet Auction

“Entries are being accepted for the May INTERNET Auctions.  Bidding will open on May 23rd and close on May 26th,” announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC. “The Internet horse auction market is still


How ProElite feeds support the homeostatic balance the digestive tract needs to function. The old saying “no hoof, no horse” is absolutely true. Good hoof care is essential to a horse’s health. However, an even

Time Well Spent

In this months column I am going to tell on myself. I am the type of person that typically will not say a word unless someone directly speaks to me. Some have seen me and

Kids and Horses: Make a Rewarding Experience

Tips to help ensure your kids’ horse-showing experience is a positive one. Once a kid is involved in a horse project, there are a few things that will help ensure that blue ribbons aren’t the project’s

Know Your Footing

Whoa Dust WHOA DustTM was developed as a solution for arena dust. Indoor and outdoor arena dust problems escalate during different times of the year. Warm summer months are a challenge for outdoor arenas. Indoor

Colic: Minimizing Its Incidence And Impact In Your Horse

Colic is the number-one killer of horses. The good news is that most cases of colic are mild and resolve with simple medical treatment, and sometimes with no specific treatment at all. Less than 10

Surface Maintenance for Your Riding Arena

Horse traffic patterns during arena use will cause the footing material to become uneven. The high-traffic path along the arena rail will take the most abuse. Depending on the riding discipline, high-traffic areas are also

Barn Privacy

For many horse owners, the farm and barn are your sanctuary. They are places where you and your family can enjoy your horses in peace. Or at least they should be. – encroaching development of neighboring properties

Put it to the Test

Horse showing is the ultimate test of horsemanship There are more to horse shows than meet the eye. From the outside, it appears to simply be a place to show off your pretty horse while

Rituals to Help Prepare for Pattern Classes

Dispel your nerves and prepare to ace patterns, including showmanship, horsemanship and hunt seat equitation, with these tips. If you’re going to be competing at a show in a pattern class, you know that you’ll need

The Importance of Arena Footing

Arena footing can make or break your horse’s training. Think about how you would feel starting a new training routine on loose, deep beach sand. It wouldn’t feel much better to wear a pair of

Ask the Vet: Colic

Question: The stable where I board my horse has very sandy pastures. The horses are in a dry lot for all months except a few in the summer when the grass is tall enough. Is


In basic terms, forage refers to plants that are eaten by livestock, like your horse. Fresh pasture and hay are two types of forage that are likely part of your horse’s diet. The foundation of

20th Annual Penn State Quarter Horse Sale Bidding Closes May 3rd

BIDDING OPENS on Saturday, April 30th and CLOSES Tuesday, May 3rd, for the 20th Annual Penn State University Quarter Horse Sale, held again as an Internet Auction,” announces Mike Jennings, of Professional Horse Services, LLC,


Here’s why amino acids are the single most important nutrient to help horses look and feel their best. Do you want to be the winner? The winning horses in any realm of the horse world,

Kimes Ranch Rodeo Athletes Take on Texas

While the Kimes Ranch Rodeo Team hails from all over the country, the month of March found nearly all of them in the same place: Texas. The checks that they won at these rodeos have

Insuring a Horse

Jennifer Miller was an inexperienced horseperson when she bought a horse 15 years ago. She was leasing a draft-cross mare and opted to skip a pre-purchase exam. Although she was a first-time horse owner, she

Ask the Vet: Preparing for a New Foal

Question: I am an owner of an equine facility. I require my boarders to have appropriate vaccines instructed by our veterinarian. Many of our boarders haul in and out for events, hence exposed to different

Laid Back Larry: Spring Is Here

Spring is finally here, we have beautiful flowers and our oak trees are leafing out. This time of year new life is running about stretching their legs. Every year we produce 3-5 foals out of

Laminitis in Horses: Unlocking the Mysteries

Laminitis can result from many different conditions in any breed, size and age of horse. As many as 2% of the U.S. equine  population develops laminitis each year. Laminitis does not discriminate. It attacks without regard

Our State Has No Equine Activity Liability Act – Are We Worse Off?

48 states across the country have some form of an Equine Activity Liability Act (as of May 2021). Are people in the two states without such a law – California and Maryland – worse off?

Megan Thorne Masterfully Combines Business and Pleasure

Who says you can’t do it all while loving every minute of it? Growing up on a ranch in Gilroy, Megan Thorne was destined to be a cowgirl. She dabbled in different disciplines to expand


Placentitis is an inflammation of the placenta usually caused by an infectious agent. It has emerged as a leading cause of reproductive loss in the equine breeding industry, with considerable economic impact when a pregnancy

Sun Circuit Beats It’s Record Entries Again

In every one of the Scottsdale Arizona Sun Circuit’s 11 show arenas, it was evident that there were more horses, more exhibitors, more friends, family and cheer leaders. The final numbers showed 2,500 stalls reserved,

Got Insurance?

EMO Insurance Your horse is a valuable asset and a considerable financial investment. Protecting that investment with equine insurance has been EMO’s specialty for more than 25 years. We’ve earned a reputation for providing horse

A Horsewoman from the Start

Charlotte Green was destined for a lifelong journey with horses. The familiar adage “they were born to ride,” strikes a chord in many of our hearts. We feel this connection to the horse that is

2D Jackpots Added to Ranch Riding, Reining and Trail Classes At Sun Circuit

If you are already riding in the class….why not ride for CASH? There are now Jackpots in Reining, Ranch Riding and Trail at Sun Circuit held March 5-13 in Scottsdale. The 2D Jackpots will run

The High-Risk Broodmare

Certain conditions will put a broodmare’s pregnancy at high risk of failure, either through abortion, stillbirth, or premature delivery. Owners of broodmares should be aware of warning signs that indicate something is not going well

Laid Back Larry – The Little Cow Pony

Let me tell you a story about a little cow pony. In 1993 we brought home a young miniature stud colt. We had a scheduled appointment to have him gelded and plans to make him