SCRCHA Cowhorse Kick Off

Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association started off 2023 with a great show January 6-8th! The rainfall of the previous week had everyone wondering how sloppy the venue would be.  We were pleased to find

Eyes on the Prize

Delaney Lee has her sights set on big goals for 2023 and beyond. Delaney Lee had an incredible breakout year, earning many All Around awards and Circuit Championships. However, these accomplishments didn’t happen overnight, they

Cherie All Around Vonada

Her nickname was All Around.   Cherie All Around Vonada.   As with most nicknames, they give us some insight to the person with the name. Cherie lost her battle to brain cancer on December 26th 2022.

Ramping Up Ranch Horse

Since 2020, West Coast Ranch Horse (WCRH) has been producing high quality and well attended ranch horse shows throughout Southern California. In 2023, WCRH is introducing a new Ranch Cowhorse Division. This new addition to

Collecting Colostrum

How Can I Collect Colostrum From a Mare and Save It For Future Use? How Long Can I Keep It?  Colostrum or “first milk” is the thick, yellow secretion from the mammary gland that’s present

Supplement Myths Busted

Healthy Horses Don’t Need Supplements False. A smart supplement program is a tool for maintaining your horse’s good health. Modern horse keeping puts horses under stress from limited grazing, stall confinement, feeding grain and training. These

A Horse-Breeding Hiccup: Your Newborn Foal’s Health

Three common problems in young foals can be serious if overlooked. The first 30 days of a healthy foal’s life are action-packed and filled with things to discover, friends to meet and people to investigate.

Do You Know The Lowdown On Thrush?

Once you’ve smelled it, you know it. There’s no mistaking the distinctive foul odor of thrush in a horse’s hoof. Thrush is caused by opportunistic microbes that are found in animal feces and many soils.

Foal Diarrhea

Foal diarrhea can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and non-infectious conditions such as lactose intolerance, or “foal heat” diarrhea. Foal heat diarrhea is due to normal physiological changes in the foal’s gut and usually

Gold Coast Horse Show Series Adds Western Classes to the Hunter/Jumper Series

Western competitors – pleasure, trail, ranch riding, and reining – have some exciting shows to look forward to! Nine new shows are entering the southern California calendar for 2023. LEG Shows & Events’ Gold Coast

PCQHA President’s Message

Dear PCQHA Members, Welcome to a New Year! So many new beginnings for us as an association. First, I am the new President of PCQHA and I could not be more thrilled and honored to

January Internet Auction catalog available Now & Last Call to Enter.

“The Internet Catalog is posted for theJanuary INTERNET Auction, which is the 54th Annual Mid Winter Sale in January for Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas.  Bidding will open on January 22nd and close on January

Your Horse’s Hearing

Horses have binaural hearing, meaning they hear out of both ears at the same time, the same as people and most other animals. However, unlike humans who have small, flat ears, horses have large cup-shaped

Cold Weather Colic in Horses

Cold winds and changing winter weather may not seem like contributing factors for equine colic.  However, these conditions can foster changes in routine and eating habits that may affect the well being of your horse.

Cleaning Your Horse’s Sheath

Cleaning your male horse’s sheath doesn’t fall into the “favorite tasks” category for most horse owners. It can be stinky, messy, and you’re probably not sure you’re doing it right. Although it doesn’t need to

What a Weight Tape Tells You About Your Horse’s Health

Weight tapes aren’t very accurate at telling you how much your horse weighs. While two horses may have the same girth circumference — what you measure with the tape — differences in their body type

A Confident New Year

Five tips to make 2023 your most confident year yet! Stepping into the show pen with confidence is something we all strive for. We have been told time and time again to “just be confident”

Diseases Associated with Aging

Aging in itself is not a disease. However, aging predisposes the body to disease as parts become worn and the immune system is not as strong as it once was. The diseases described here can

Made to Order -Final

During our eight hour haul to Reno for the Futurity, I had plenty of time to reflect on the last few years and how we got to where we are. Thinking back to about nine


Westwind Morgans is pleased to announce Westwind Otto, in only his second year of Open Western Performance Horse Competition has qualified for the “World Celebration of Champions”. The “World” as its known, is one of

Enter Horses Now for the January Internet Auction

“The January INTERNET Auction is the 54th year the Jennings Family has produced the Mid Winter Sale in January for Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas.  Bidding will open on January 22nd and close on January

Made To Order Part 3

Part 3 of our Journey to the Futurity As days, weeks and months past, Marilyn became more and more broke. This filly quickly became my favorite grab and go horse for any adventure or task.

Tips for Keeping Well Traveled Horses Healthy

Professional barrel racer Jackie Ganter’s horses travel nearly 60,000 miles a year…that’s more than most people. Hauling down the highway at 65 mph or faster can zap a horse’s energy and impact his performance. Changing temperatures and

Should You Use Joint Supplements for Horses

There are a number of things horse owners can do to protect joints, keep horses sound and discourage soreness. Many owners opt to give a joint supplement. In fact, products marketed to target joint health

The 2022 AQHA World Championship Show

The AQHA World Championship Show is always one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year was certainly no exception. More than ever, a myriad of emotions was present at this year’s event.

Still The One

Ask anyone to describe the All American Quarter Horse Congress and you will probably get an answer like “indescribable, spectacular, overwhelming, or unparalleled”. The show seems to have a heartbeat of its own and an

The Tenacious will Prevail

Ellie Stiller combines her love of horses and her knowledge of strength training to create a unique fitness experience. Raised in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, without a single horse to be found Ellie Stiller

Congratulations PCQHA 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Cassandre Ehrle  I am honored to have been selected to receive the 2022 PCQHYA Educational Scholarship. I have been involved in the California showing community for over twelve years. During this time, I received valuable

Last Call for Entries & Shop NOW – December INTERNET Auction

“The catalog is posted for the December INTERNET Auction with the early entries.  The FINAL entry deadline is Friday November 18th.  Bidding will Open on December 4th and close on Tuesday, December 6th,beginning at 7:00 pm

Risk-based Vaccines: Does Your Horse Need Them?

Determining which vaccines your horse should have is not always simple, particularly when talking about risk-based vaccines. It is important to work with your veterinarian to determine the vaccines needed for each individual horse. Creating