Flash Sale • Halter Horse Dispersal

“The Internet catalog for the Tim Meyer Estate Quarter Horse Dispersal is online now,”announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC. “This auction offers broodmares, show and breeding prospects, as well as frozen embryos from

The Impact Of Stress On Stallion Health And How To Mitigate It

Horses experience stress from various sources, including environmental changes, social conflicts, physical discomfort, and performance pressures. Stallions face additional stress due to breeding duties and expectations of heightened aggression. Unmanaged stress causes severe consequences, necessitating

Calming Supplements: Understanding Their Role in Promoting Equine Well-Being

Horses are magnificent creatures known for their strength, grace, and sensitivity. However, just like humans, horses can experience stress, anxiety, and nervousness, which can have an impact on their overall well-being and performance. To help

Tips for Foaling Season: Caring for the Mare and New Foal

Congratulations! Your long-awaited foal is finally here. During these first weeks and months you’ll want to: Use a safe turn-out strategy Understand your mare’s nutritional needs Know when to start feeding the foal his own

SCRCHA January Cow Horse Kick Off

It was so great to come together as the cowhorse community of Southern California and show our horses. Our title sponsor “Equine Health Management” Dr. Doug Lawrence and Dr. Wayne McNeel were our title sponsors

Allocate Your Assets

A Legendary Stallion that made a huge impact on the Quarter Horse Industry! The kind, loving, gentle giant will be missed by all he impacted in the Quarter Horse industry. The 4-time Congress Champion and

Keep It Simple

Remember where and why you started to push yourself to new heights this show season Take a look back on your winter riding program. Many of us went back to the basics to establish confidence

Breeding Soundness Examinations

When introducing a new mare to the broodmare group or bringing in a new stallion for breeding purposes, it’s crucial to consider factors beyond just bloodlines, conformation, and pedigree. For non-pregnant mares, investing in a

2023 California Championship W/T 11 & Under All Around Ranch Champion

Kendall Dawson  & Huckleberry Cat Winning a California Championship All Around Champion award shows your strong desire to show. Which is your favorite class for you and your horse and why is it your favorite?

2023 California Championship Amateur Ranch All- Around

Jennifer Dawson & Huckleberry Cat  Winning a California Championship All Around Champion award shows your strong desire to show. Which is your favorite class for you and your horse and why is it your favorite?

Equine Encephalomyelitis: Understanding the “Sleeping Sickness”

Equine encephalomyelitis, often referred to as “sleeping sickness,” is a concerning infectious disease that primarily affects the horse’s brain. This ailment is caused by a virus and is categorized into three distinct strains: Eastern, Western,

Rabies Has Many Faces

Rabies. The word conjures up chilling images from old movies: a snarling dog, foaming at the mouth, attacking anything that moves. But did you know horses are very susceptible to this disease? Skunks, foxes, bats,

Texas A&M Researchers Studying Reproductive Abnormalities That Cause Sterility In Horses

Researchers at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) have received a $640,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to study abnormalities in sex development that affect the

New Bidding Dates for January Internet Auction

“The bidding dates for the January Internet Auction are moved to January 25th through 27th, due to tremendous response from sellers,”announces Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC. “100 quality horses have been entered in

Honoring Art of the Cowgirl Founder, Tammy Pate

We mourn and celebrate the life of Tammy Pate, the visionary and founder of Art of the Cowgirl. Tammy passed away on December 21, 2023, after a courageous battle with cancer. Tammy’s indomitable spirit, unwavering

How to Ride a Trail Pattern with Kellie Hinely

This is the third installment of our four-part series on how to ride a trail pattern. This month it’s time for the wheel, or what I call the wheel of death. This exercise for me

A Growth Based Mindset

Evolving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset with your horse in 2024 There are two different approaches to life: one from the basis of a fixed mindset, and one from the basis of

2023 CRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity, Derby and Horse Show Presented by CR Hes A Tuff One and Red Arrow Ranch

The inaugural edition of the California Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity, Derby and Horse Show was held at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, CA on November 7 through 12. The event was made

Gastric Health in Horses: Understanding the Digestive System

In the world of equine physiology, the digestive system is a critical component of a horse’s overall well-being. Horses are natural grazers, and their stomachs are designed to continuously produce acid to aid in the

Getting An Orphan Foal To Nurse An Immediate Need

An orphan foal still needs another mare or a person to provide milk and care, especially during the first vital days of life. “The most immediate need for foals orphaned at birth is getting the

Stallion Health and Seasonal Influence on Semen Quality: Key Factors in Breeding Success

The reproductive health of a stallion is of paramount importance in the world of equine breeding. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the impact of seasonal changes on semen quality and breeding success. In this

Tips for Foaling Season: Preparing for Your New Foal

Your new foal is due soon! Prepare ahead of time so you’re ready and know what to expect with the foal’s arrival. You’ll want to: Make the property safe and ready for your foal Care for

Art of the Cowgirl offers fun, interactive events for the entire family to experience the Western lifestyle.

The Wrangler All Women’s Ranch Rodeo presented by COWGIRL Magazine and Kimes Ranch World’s Greatest Horsewoman presented by Western Horseman competitions are must-see spectacles at Art of the Cowgirl. However, throughout the five-day event, several

Horse Trails of America Association: Win A Tucker Trail Saddle, Entries Close December 21, 2023

Calling all Horse Trails of America fans and all trail riders: Time is running out to enter to win $2500 towards a new Tucker Trail Saddle. Enter at or visit and click to


The Northwest Horse Fair & Expo 2024, presented by AKINS Trailer Sales, will be returning for the TWENTY THIRD YEAR to Albany, Oregon, March 22, 23, 24, 2024 at the Linn County Fair & Expo

2024 Cervi Ropings In Casa Grande

The Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic returns to the Rodeo Grounds in Casa Grand, AZ February 20 & 21 with 2 days of roping events. Tuesday gets things started at 10 AM with 3

Congratulations to Laura Kate Holliday – 2023 PCQHA Scholarship Recipient

Laura Kate has been a PCHQYA member for the past nine years. She is successful student athlete and has shown perseverance, dedication, humility, integrity and honesty in all areas of her life. She has learned

Embracing Losses

A loss creates the perfect opportunity to recalibrate your performance, embrace it. Welcome to December, a month of reflection on how the previous show season stacked up to the expectations we had set forth for

Understanding Horse Back Pain

Back pain in horses can be a frustrating challenge for both horse owners and veterinarians. With a wide range of potential causes and varying clinical signs, diagnosing and treating back soreness in horses can be

2023 California Championship Amateur All Around: Taylor Lauren Deppen/ Flat Otto Money

Winning an California Championship All Around Champion award shows your strong desire to show. Which is your favorite class for you and your horse and why is it your favorite? My favorite class to show