They always say the best things happen to you when you least expect it. Well, that would be the case with Always Do. While Bob and I are always keeping an eye out for potential prospects, I can honestly say we were not looking very hard last winter. We have a friend that we invited to come over to ride with us in our covered arena on a rainy day and help me (Dana) out with a colt I was starting at the time. That was about the time he rode into our arena on Dewey and Bob and I looked at each other with NO words needing to be said! I’m pretty sure we both fell in love with him at first sight. We invited Ronnie to come back and asked if Dewey was for sale and if we could try him, I guess you could say the rest was history!

Our friend Ronnie Thompson found Dewey on the Waggner Ranch as a weanling purchased him and trained him. When Dewey was 3 Ronnie showed him to a level 3 finalist in the NRHA NP Futurity and then started roping on him after that. However, Dewey had not been shown in any AQHA classes and had ZERO points when we bought him. While we knew he had been shown in the reining, and a huge bonus was that Bob could rope both ends on him we didn’t know where else his story would go. I started introducing him to the Ranch Classes and he has such a wonderful and willing to please mind he took to it with very little time. His first show was in Camp Verde in April, and we had a very promising first outing. Our first show of any size was the Pinnacle Circuit and once again Dewey did not disappoint. We went to 2 more shows with great success and then we had the World Show in our sights. I kept telling Bob he was ready to go I just had to keep him there without over doing it.
Dewey hit the World Show at a dead run and never slowed down. His first class was the Amateur Ranch Trail Prelims where we advanced to the finals, the next day the Amateur Working Rail Prelims we again advanced to the Finals. Next up was the Am Ranch Trail Finals, we had a pilot error bobble in the back through, but we still ended up ended up 5th. 2 classes later was the Non Pro Headly Working Western Rail Stakes, we won that class and were over the moon! One class later We showed in the Select Am Reining and I must admit after a very long day our performance was less than stellar, we left a lot on the table. The next day we had the Amateur Working Western Rail Finals, and we won that class! Wow we were on a high! We had 2 classes left and at that point we were in the race for the Select Amateur All Around.

Dewey was a very respectable 6th in the Select Performance Halter geldings. Next up was our biggest hurdle…the Select Amateur Horsemanship. Dewey was and still is very green in this event so much so that our prelim run was his 5th ever horsemanship pattern at a show! We made the finals!!!! At this point if we could make the top ten in the Horsemanship we could possibly win the Select All Around. (No Pressure There!!) We had a really super Horsemanship pattern and ended up placing 4th in the finals. That is a pretty huge feat for Reiner, Ranch Rider, Rope horse!!!!! At that point we clinched the Amateur Select All Around Title and won over $29,000!!!!! I was completely in awe of what we had accomplished. If my memory serves me correctly the last Amateur or Select All Around horse at the World Show coming from the working western events was in 2005!

All said and done after only his first (partial) year of showing Dewey Ended up with 1 NSBA World Championship, 3 AQHA World Championships, High Point Amateur Ranch horse for the AQHA World Show, and High point Ranching Heritage Bred Horse at the World Show, 245 AQHA points, the High Point Select Amateur Working Western Rail for AQHA, Select Ranch All Around Year end for AZQHA, along with AZQHA high point: Am Performance Geldings, Am Select Working Western Rail, Am Select Reining, and the L1 Open Working Western Rail.

To say Dewey is officially a member of the Avila Family would be an understatement! We are looking forward to 2024. I have no clue how we are going to do better than 2023 but we are sure going to give it a try!