Conejo Valley Equine is excited to announce a new rehabilitation and conditioning center located at Whitethorne Ranch in Somis, California. Having served Ventura and Northern Los Angeles Counties since 1958 as a 5 doctor equine exclusive ambulatory practice, Conejo Valley Equine’s expansion into rehabilitation and conditioning is a natural result of growing with the equine community that we service. This latest expansion will offer fully customizable treatment and conditioning programs under veterinary supervision. Whether your show horse needs strengthening and exercise while enjoying grass pastures or a finely designed recovery plan for a variety of injuries, Conejo Valley Equine offers exceptional care for exceptional athletes across all disciplines.

Athletic performance places huge forces and demands on the musculoskeletal structures of the horse. Each tailored rehabilitation or conditioning plan focuses on four main components to help your equine athletes reach their peak performance: strengthening, mobility, proprioceptive training and cardiovascular fitness. The most critical part of a rehabilitation program is the careful monitoring of the integration of all of these goals with the overall aim to adapt the horse to the demands of performance. Conejo Valley Equine Rehab and Conditioning has a comprehensive list of modalities and makes use of the latest technology to improve musculoskeletal function and help each horse reach their full athletic potential.

Our state of the art medical modalities include, but are not limited to, the following:

The custom built in-ground aqua tread allows for full customization with increased safety. The in-ground aqua treadmill boasts increased safety standards by just allowing the horse to escape by going forward and eliminating the risk of injury jumping over a gate. There is no one size fits all approach to rehabilitation, and that’s where the variable height and resistance of our aqua tread come into play. Unique to this in-ground treadmill, the water level can be adjusted to decrease weight bearing for acute injuries or adjusted to promote full range of motion of joints and expansion through the back. The latest research from Europe has documented the lower head carriage with the in-ground aqua tread subsequently opens up the back’s dorsal spinous processes. Another problem was avoided by utilizing a specially selected non-slip treadmill belt. This non-slip belt encourages longer stride length by providing better security from slipping compared to the previously used smooth rubber belts. Our objective is to provide maximum fitness with minimum miles of impact to achieve your horse’s individual goal;

The Sound Regenerative Laser Therapy (RLT) is a key component of our program. The challenge with healing tendon and ligament injuries in the equine athlete is avoiding inelastic scar tissue that is prone to re-injury. The exceptionally powerful and focused laser light energy of the RLT has the proven ability to penetrate deep enough in the horse’s body to reach the target sites of injury, setting it apart from other laser models on the market. A typical protocol requires multiple treatments (2-3 x weekly) for several weeks to encourage the fibers of tendons and ligaments to optimally align, with the goal of restoring elasticity and minimizing scar tissue at the site of injury;

The Equinosis Q system enables us to monitor the progression of each horse throughout rehabilitation. Equinosis Q consists of a set of inertia sensors that can accurately measure gait symmetry. This objective tool allows for unbiased monitoring of a horse’s progress and adaptation to increased workload;

The Horse Gym saltwater spa utilizes circulating salt water cooled uniformly to 35F making it particularly effective at reducing swelling and inflammation. In addition to being excellent for acute injuries, it is a therapeutic way to recover from a workout. The continual circulation of cold water allows for effective cooling of the deeper structures in the distal limb as opposed to just icing the surface of the skin; and Conejo Valley Equine is able to offer multiple additional modalities in order to uniquely tailor any rehabilitation and conditioning program including veterinarian directed pulse wave magnetic therapy (PEMF), shockwave therapy, and Multi-Radiance laser therapy. Equine athletes can further enjoy the conventional treadmill, eurociser, and vibration plate during their stay at our rehabilitation and conditioning center.

The foundation of every rehabilitation center is the facility. Whitethorne offers the idyllic setting for a well controlled return to function or for show horses to rest and recover between shows while increasing their fitness and strength. The facility boasts grass pasture turnouts, two international sized jumping arenas with FIBAR footing mixture which provides optimal footing for tendon and ligament injuries and a ¼ mile exercise track. The 76 stall property offers a variety of stall sizes that allows for progression of freedom to the horse. The other area we are passionate about is sports conditioning. Being in exceptional condition is the foundation for exceptional athletic ability. As veterinarians we would much prefer hearing how you and your horse excelled at the latest competition rather than scheduling a lameness exam after the last show.

Maintaining a high level athlete truly takes a village. We value being a part of their story either through referral for our doctors to customize a plan or through execution of your primary veterinarian’s plan. We also offer haul-in appointments for any of our modalities.

Please contact us at rehab@conejoequine.com or (805) 496-0505 for further information or a custom consultation.