CA Championship W/T Amateur All Around

Dana Thompson/Hesa Heart Rush

Winning an California Championship All Around Champion award shows your strong desire to show. Which is your favorite class for you and your horse and why is it your favorite?

My favorite class with Herbie is trail. I love that each course is a new challenge and changes from class to class! Liz Place, my trainer excels in trail and I’ve learned everything I know in trail from her! We pointed out in trail this year, so now it’s the Level 2 trail for us! We are a new, green team but looking forward to the challenge!

What challenges did you face in winning a CA Championship All Around Champion award with your horse – or was it easy to win? What advice could you give to other exhibitors hoping to win this prestigious award?

It is never easy to win an all around! However, I aspire to that goal each show.  I try to get well rounded practice – including showmanship, trail, horsemanship and pleasure… no matter how tiring it may be.

How did you practice and prepare to show in the CA Championship show? How often and what did you do (ie: patterns, lots of ride time, go out on the trail – or have more lessons with the trainer?)

I usually lesson with Liz Place two times a week. I’ve had Herbie for just over a year and we are really working to get our trail consistent and reliable. If I have a pattern prior, I always try to practice beforehand. Working through the pattern before the class helps my mental state of mind and confidence.

What is a special memory you have from the California Championship show? Tell us why this is special and what you’d like to see added for next year.

I love the intimacy of the show grounds. Everything is close, vendors are appreciative and the show seemed to run smoothly and efficiently from class to class. The awards per class were a great bonus as we work so hard to earn those prizes!  It’s always nice to have an exhibitor dinner as it makes us feel appreciated as participants.  I love seeing my horse show peeps from seasons gone by! The show office ran smoothly – I do like to be able to enter prior to arriving.

How long have you been showing and what is your next goal?

I’ve been showing for just over 11 years. I would like to continue to build on my partnership with Herbie as we are a one year new team! Trail will be our focus – level 2 will be a challenge but I look forward to it! He’s a mean machine in showmanship as well. He is sweet, kind and gentle / so working on anything with him is a “pleasure”!!!