Arizona Cutting Horse Association Sun Circuit, January 31-February 4, 2024

Winner Highlights

Derby Open

Tosten Peterson & Dual Cd Slicker For Owner Scott Wardley

Classic 5/6 Yr Open

Bruce Turnbull & Smooth As Rye For Owner Thomas M Turnbull

$25,000 Novice Horse

Mike Wood & Bowflex For Owner Teresa Home

$5,000 Novice Horse

Mike Wood & Sweet Blueberry Wine For Owner Debra Winard

$2,500 Novice Horse

Ashley Bosack & All On The Red For Owner G Rose Johnson

$50,000 Amateur

Michele L Billingsley & Countin The Lights

$15,000 Amateur

Megan Du Toit & Cf Tuff Lightsaber Owned By Allure Enterprises

$1,000 Amatuer

Debora Tranter, Hot N Ready (Featured) & Catamus Maximus

Unlimited Amatuer

Kathy Bro & Spookys Honey Badger

$2,000 Limited Rider

Peyton Moretti & Buzzted Owned By Christine King

Derby 4yr Non Pro

Barbi Madgwick & To Be Boon Again

Classic 5/6yr Non Pro

Alex Lee & CP Lil Hot Pepto Owned By Stephanie Lee

$35,000 Non Pro

Lauren Salon & Chex My Cat

Non Pro

Wendy Claus & Cats Royal Blue

$25,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

Lauren Salon & Five Dollar Fine

$5,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

Dawn C Chapman & Talkin Reycy

Photos courtesy of Lyndsey Lamell Photography