2023 California Championship W/T 11 & Under All Around Ranch Champion

Kendall Dawson  & Huckleberry Cat

  1. Winning a California Championship All Around Champion award shows your strong desire to show. Which is your favorite class for you and your horse and why is it your favorite?

I like Ranch Trail the most. It is my favorite because there are many different obstacles to test me and my horse as well as have fun while we are doing it.

  1. What challenges did you face in winning a CA Championship All Around Champion award with your horse – or was it easy to win? What advice could you give to other exhibitors hoping to win this prestigious award?

A challenge that I face when showing is sometimes remembering patterns and hitting poles. My horse is recovering from an injury, so I rode my mom’s horse, Huck, this year. It is challenging to show him on days she is showing because we have to share him and switch the saddle a few times a day. Also, the competitor that I show with in Paso Robles is really good, so I really have to make sure I focus and ride my best.

Showing horses is fun, but hard. My advice for other kids, is to never give up if it’s your dream. To help me remember patterns, I print them, memorize them, do them on foot and then go practice in the arena making sure I point out arena landmarks before I show.

  1. How did you practice and prepare to show in the CA Championship show? How often and what did you do (ie: patterns, lots of ride time, go out on the trail – or have more lessons with the trainer?)

I rode Huck leading up to the show in our arena with help from my mom. I studied the patterns in the truck driving up to the show. Huck is very fun and easy to ride so he doesn’t take a lot of preparation especially to do the walk trot classes. He is very good at ranch trail.

  1. What is a special memory you have from the California Championship show? Tell us why this is special and what you’d like to see added for next year.

I love going to horse shows because I’ve made a lot of friends. In Paso Robles, I got to spend a lot of time with my friend Lizzie, my sister and my dogs. One night, my family and I drove to San Luis Obispo to have dinner at the Madonna Inn Steakhouse which was fun. We had dinner, cake and swing danced to the live band.

  1. How long have you been showing and what is your next goal?

I have been showing since I could walk, starting with the leadline, then doing western pleasure and horsemanship. For the last few years, I have only been doing ranch classes, which are my favorite. My next goal is to rehabilitate my horse, Boon, so I can show him at Sun Circuit. When I get a little older, I would really like to go to the World Show like my sister.