Honoring Art of the Cowgirl Founder, Tammy Pate

We mourn and celebrate the life of Tammy Pate, the visionary and founder of Art of the Cowgirl. Tammy passed away on December 21, 2023, after a courageous battle with cancer. Tammy’s indomitable spirit, unwavering passion for the Western way of life, and her dedication to celebrating the essence of the cowgirl have left a tremendous mark on the hearts of many, and the western industry.

Tammy Pate was the heartbeat of Art of the Cowgirl. Her vision and leadership transformed the organization into a beacon for those who shared her love for the spirit, resilience, and grace of the cowgirl. Tammy continually inspired others, leading with a tenacity that mirrored the qualities she sought to celebrate.

Tammy loved her family, the western arts and trades, ranching, horses, and people. She wanted to share all those passions with others which spurred her vision and dream, Art of the Cowgirl. What she started in 2019 has had a tremendous ripple effect and that ripple will continue for generations to come. Her legacy is great through her family and Art of the Cowgirl.

Tammy was the epitome of the spirit of the cowgirl- grit, grace, authenticity, and a kind but bold spirit. She will be missed greatly by all those who loved her and knew her. Tammy touched so many lives with her generous heart.

Her legacy extends beyond the events and gatherings she curated; Tammy embodied the true cowgirl spirit. From spending time on the ranch with her husband and family, to leading horsemanship and yoga retreats, and impacting so many through Art of the Cowgirl, she lived and breathed the values of independence, strength, and camaraderie. Art of the Cowgirl was, and remains, a testament to her commitment to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of the western lifestyle.

As we look towards Art of the Cowgirl 2024, we will honor Tammy’s vision by gathering people around art, horses, community, music- all the things that she loved. Tammy will be watching this year from a different vantage point, looking down from Heaven on what she created by dreaming big and having the courage to bring it to life.

In honor and celebration of Tammy, a memorial will be held at the event.

“Tammy’s Rodear- A Roundup and Gathering of Tammy Pate’s Friends”
Sunday, January 21st, 2024
Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre

This special gathering will be a time to share stories, celebrate Tammy’s extraordinary contributions, and unite as a community that was created because of her vision.

Tammy’s passion for preserving and promoting the cowgirl way of life touched the lives of many, and this tribute is an opportunity for us to come together, reflect, and express our gratitude for the lasting impact she had on each of us.

Tammy’s favorite meal and drinks will be served after the memorial. Please RSVP through the Art of the Cowgirl Website by January 10th .

Many people have asked to donate or give in Tammy’s honor. Tammy’s passion and dedication shaped the Art of the Cowgirl Foundation and Fellowship Program. Donations can be made through the Art of the Cowgirl website.

Tammy will forever leave a mark on the western industry, horse and art communities, and our hearts.