2023 California Championship W/T 11 & U All Around – Elizabeth Rene Montez/ Betterlazythancrazy

  1. My favorite class is trail because it’s fun, I like going over the poles and all the different obstacles. It is never the same so you always have to be thinking. I feel really confident when I do trail. Hal and I have been working really hard on it.
  2. Challenges I faced at the show were the diagonal jog overs, I didn’t get them at first because they were set up differently then we do it at home. The side pass was hard too, because I never showed it before.  These were difficult obstacles for me, but I got them done. Advice I would give to other riders is try your best, give it all that you have, and it’s okay if you don’t win.
  3. I started by looking at my patterns and walking the course on foot. Then I got on Hal and warmed him up, then it was time to show. I have lessons with my trainer every weekend, and I practice some patterns at home before the show, and I ride a lot at the shows.
  4. My special memory is when I rode up because my mom called me, and she didn’t tell me what was gonna happen, then she told me my horse won the highest point scored on trial, between me and my Grammie (Stacy Dial) who also shows Hal, scored high together. This was special because I didn’t know there was a highest score trial horse and it was fun to do with my Grammie. Another special memory is I was surprised because all of my friends were there. I hope next year it’s not as hot and they have a water balloon fight so we can all cool down.
  5. I have been showing since I was 7 . My next goal is to start loping and get qualified for Youth World.