Avoid Heartbreak. Get Equine Colic Relief

“It’s colic.”

The words no horse owner ever wants to hear their vet say. Colic is the number one killer of horses – a painful emergency that can result in major vet bills, surgery…or worse.

Horses become more susceptible to colic in winter, as they tend to drink less when the weather and their water is colder. A compounding factor is limited turnout due to foul weather, which affects gut motility and increases the risk of colic.

Equine Colic Relief is the number ONE product that stops a bout of colic in progress. It’s easy to keep on hand—just in case—as it has a shelf life of 14 years. ECR is completely stable in all temperatures and needs no refrigeration in the summer and no heat in the winter.

Equine Colic Relief restores motility to the intestines and restores gut sounds within 10 to 45 minutes. It can dissolve impactions, rehydrate the intestines, rebalance electrolytes, and restore the whole GI tract to a normal state.

Equine Colic Relief is your #1 Defense for colic so be sure to have it with you when you are traveling, showing, eventing, trail riding, whatever you do with your horse. It’s easy to administer as horses like the taste of Equine Colic Relief. It’s safe for all ages and all size of horses, mules, donkeys or any animal of the equine family.

Having a bottle or two on hand when the weather makes it difficult for the vet to get to you quickly is very worthwhile, saving you possibly long waiting times or trying to haul your horse in bad weather. Don’t spend your holidays in the barn any longer than you have to.
Find Equine Colic Relief at your local tack shop or order online at www.equinecolicreliefusa.com or by phone at 888-675-5866