Made to Order -Final

During our eight hour haul to Reno for the Futurity, I had plenty of time to reflect on the last few years and how we got to where we are. Thinking back to about nine years ago when I was thirteen and I imagined the cross of my two horses. It was then, that I knew who Marilyn would be. Nine years ago I made a plan for her and continued my goal to becoming better, with her in mind. I wanted to be ready for her when she came. As our haul carried on Marilyn traveled great. One thing about where we live is that our average haul out to ride is a healthy 3 hours. She is no stranger to time on the road. Arriving at Reno she unloaded filled with excitement. Our walk to the stalls was more of a crawl and she found plenty of things to snort at.

She is watchy and snorty but she rarely denies my requests. We arrived a few days early to get stopping practice in and to get her accustom to her environment. She had to read every arena sign twice over to check for grammar errors, I really need her to look over my work! (There is always a 100% that I have errors in anything I write! My mind just doesn’t catches them, no matter how many times I proof read!) The first day was herd work, my weakest event and her least knowledgeable. My herd help was amazing. I think the help I got from those guys might have been my favorite moment from the whole trip. It was obvious that my mare was green but you could tell that she was there to try. She left the pen feeling accomplished and ready to turn around and try it all again. A day passed and it was time for rein work. Stepping into the for the dry work, she knew what her job was. Our reining was pretty decent. With any pattern its easy to find things that should have been different. She stopped strong, spun well and had great changes all things that make a fun run. She could have had a tad slower small slows but that was my error. Marilyn again, walked out the arena pumped and ready for more. When I say pumped my mind goes to anxiety or anxiousness but that was defiantly not Marilyns case.

We had a day off and then it was time for fence work. Another event that we are pretty green at, I had confidence that she was up for the task. We had a good cow and Marilyn was ready. It was nothing spectacular but we did it! We got our cow turned before within the markers and Marilyn was there wholeheartedly. Our circles could have been tighter but they were in the middle of the pen. After we quit our cow and walked out of the showpen, I knew that she on a quest to become a awesome little show horse. Marilyn stayed uncomplicated, sound and sane throughout the whole futurity. I was very proud of how she kept herself calm, cool and collected, she came home ready to move forward. I intended on giving Marilyn a month break turned out. However, she protested against it by pawing the pasture gate and pulling the chain or her halter while I worked other horses. I will admit that kind of behavior is very annoying to me. So, she and I came to an agreement of 2- 3 days a week of light riding for a few weeks as “time off”. I am really excited for the derbies that we have mapped out for 2023!