Made To Order Part 3

Part 3 of our Journey to the Futurity As days, weeks and months past, Marilyn became more and more broke. This filly quickly became my favorite grab and go horse for any adventure or task. She as been up the mountain, swam in lakes and checked cows numerous times even on the coldest and wettest of days. Here on our ranch we don’t have year round stopping ground and our arena will freeze over for days at time during the winter. This either provides a nice break some horses or gives us the excuse to take training outside. Being out of our arena has never set us back, it provides more time for framework and body control in a open and fresh environment.

This kind of work always seems to teach a horse to be more thoughtful of his/her feet and give a nice mental break from the arena. I always look forward to the winter month and the change it provides. For the first year, my main focus was to get Marilyn broke and usable. Late into spring I will honestly say Marilyn didn’t know canter departs from the walk, flying lead changes or sliding stops. However, she was so confident in herself and physically pliable that I could put her body anywhere at anytime. I let her learn and take on pressure on her own time, I am so glad that I did. When I sent in my first payment for the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity, Marilyn had never worn a pair of sliders, worked out of a herd or taken a single thing down the fence. With the encouragement from my biggest supporter, my mom, and all those who were involved in our journey I was confident that Marilyn could get it done.

During the final weeks before the futurity I was provided access to nice stopping ground, indoor riding and cow work away from home by some awesome people. Marilyn came along way in the final month prior and put up with me asking for more. In the last month she learned to handle herself in sliders and be okay with with arena signs! I also learned that she doesn’t like sand hitting the wall too much. That is one little thing that I got to use to my advantage! The time quickly came to load up and make the haul to Reno. Marilyn is about to fill the spot of my first futurity horse and tackle this awesome event. Next month will be our final part in our Journey to the Futurity.