Congratulations PCQHA 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Cassandre Ehrle
 I am honored to have been selected to receive the 2022 PCQHYA Educational Scholarship. I have been involved in the California showing community for over twelve years. During this time, I received valuable leadership and mentorship experiences within PCQHYA. These experiences include serving as 2019 and 2022 PCQHYA President, 2021 PCQHYA Vice President, and PCQHYA delegate to the AQHA YES Conference. Throughout my time in these roles, I was able to meet incredible people that provided opportunities for me to advance my academic and leadership experience. I strongly attribute the person I am today with the knowledge I gained through PCQHYA.

I am currently a Sophomore at Citrus College in Azusa, California as a Kinesiology major. I plan to continue my academic path to obtain a bachelor’s degree before exploring graduate school opportunities. My future career aspirations include a position in the medical field. Receiving the PCQHYA Educational Scholarship will allow me to further my aspirations academically.

Aside from pursuing educational goals, I hope to continue my involvement within the PCQHYA showing community. In the upcoming year, I will transition to the Amateur division. Equipped with the incredible lifetime memories and lessons from my youth career, I look forward to continually striving to meet new goals as an Amateur.

Thank you to the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee for honoring me with the 2022 Educational Scholarship and for their years of mentorship!

Colbi Jacobs

This fall I will be attending Stanford University majoring in history with the focus of continuing my post bachelor education by attending law school. I hope to become an equine lawyer, working to preserve the reputation of the AQHA. I will strive to become an impactful voice of the horses involved in the AQHA to ensure that someone will be advocating for their best interest.

It is my belief that the opportunity to obtain higher education degrees would not have been possible without my involvement in the equine industry, which includes the PCQHA. When I received my acceptance into Stanford, I was asked by many people what I believed to be the secret to my admission. While I know that my academic accomplishments significantly contributed to my acceptance, my response is my equestrian career. Yes, I worked very hard and diligently seeking the best grades possible in my accelerated high school class curriculum and I am very proud of my academic accomplishments. With that being said, many applicants in the United States did the same, working hard to achieve good grades. I believe that my active involvement with horses is what set me apart from many of the other applicants. My experiences while serving on the PCQHYA board further reinforced my leadership skill set, advancing the craft of leadership, and I believe greatly aided with my acceptance into my dream university.