Mastering Transitions

Brooke Garcia smoothly navigates the transitions from high school to college as well as youth to amateur.

It is amazing how a single event can shape the course of one’s life. For Brooke Garcia, that event was a Pony Parent & Me ride that ignited her passion for horses. After that experience young Brooke wanted to learn more about horses and took every opportunity she could to ride. “I always enjoyed having fun at the barn, cleaning out stalls with friends, and just being around the horses!” She recalled fondly.

As Brooke grew, so did her love for horses. Her pursuits led her towards showing, where she could combine her passion for horses with her inner drive to achieve in a sport. “The process of improvement and accomplishment attracted me to showing. I love how my hard work and dedication would be able to propel me to the next level.” Brooke shared. She worked tenaciously under the guidance of Kellie Hinely to perfect her craft. Each year posed a new opportunity to grow her riding and when her show partner passed away in 2019, she was left wondering what to do next. Thankfully Kellie was there to find her current show partner, The Publication, affectionately known as Charlie. “Kellie was looking around at the Youth World when Reid Thomas suggested we try Charlie (thank you Kristen Syburg!). I got the phone call from Kellie and we instantly knew Charlie was my next show partner!”

Charlie was a match made in heaven for Brooke. Charlie boasts a strong work ethic that matches hers. “He wants to do his job and get it done right. He always tries so hard and gives 110%. Brooke shared about the talented gelding. They have been quietly moving up the ranks together, recently culminating those gains into a bronze trophy finish at the 2022 NSBA World Championship Show in Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation. “[It was] my favorite memory with Charlie. We’ve been working very hard on our equitation as a team and to see it all come together was amazing.” Brooke said of the accomplishment. The win was made extra special in that it was not only in her favorite class, but the pattern showed off her favorite maneuver to do with Charlie: the hand gallop. “My favorite class is Hunt Seat Equitation; he has a super fun and pretty hand gallop!” These two still have big dreams for the fall, with Congress and the World Show still on the horizon. “My goals with Charlie are to keep laying out solid patterns, progress as a team, and winning a globe would be nice too!” She explained.

Brooke attends Pepperdine University and is majoring in Business Administration. “I am planning on becoming an estate planning attorney because I am interested in helping families strategically plan for their future.” Brooke explained. Pepperdine is conveniently located only an hour and a half away from Charlie, so she is able to go and practice on the weekend. We asked her how she balanced school, practice and showing, and she shared that communication is the key to success through it all. “It can sometimes be difficult to trying to balance it all, but when I do have to miss school, I make sure my professors are up to date. I stay on top of my assignments and go into office hours for extra help!” She also makes sure to continue doing schoolwork while at the shows. “My computer and books go with me to all the shows. My trainers, Kellie and Deann, are amazing at keeping Charlie in shape while I’m away and when I do get to ride during the week, they push me to be my best.”

Both in the classroom and in the show arena, Brooke is motivated to improve herself. She credits the barn that has become family at Trendsetter Performance Horses for giving her that extra push. “I am driven to be a better rider and showperson by the ability to always improve and achieve my goals with the support of my TPH family who encourage me to strive to be my best.” She shared. We looking forward to cheering Brooke and the barn on during the rest of the fall season!

By Lauren Stanley