Hoof Care & Supply

Alvin Farrier Supply
Alvin Farrier Supply is a family owned and operated hoof care supply company and is the sole distributor of Durasole, the most effective sole toughener on the market, as well as a full line farrier supply providing a wide selection of tools, shoes, hoof care and therapeutic hoof products and supplements. We pride ourselves in providing quality customer service with friendliness and technical assistance. We have 2 locations to serve you, south of Houston in Alvin, TX and north of Houston in Tomball, TX. We have a full online catalog at www.alvinfarrersupply.com and we ship daily. Check out our website or call us for more information.

GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES can achieve hoof balance starting with the frog. This rubbery organ makes contact with the ground first, along with the heel. From a total hoof perspective, the frog never changes. It makes sense then for this to be the first place to examine on a horse’s foot. In the design of this new horseshoe, the frog is exposed to allow proper use for ongoing health and integrity. A healthy frog occurs from performing its’ shock absorption job. The shoe also protects the coffin bone as well as added protection for the navicular bone, the sole and the deep flexor tendon. GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES places up to 14 mm of flexible shoe material between the hoof and the terrain.
In addition, GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES are the first and only shoe that allows the sole and outer structure of the hoof, the walls, to be supported as well as used as both were intended to be used on a barefoot horse.
602-909-3144, www.goldenwingshorseshoes.com

Hoof Cinch
Horse owners have an inexpensive option to relieve the pain and to fix founder and laminitis. The Hoof Cinch is a patented, metal band that tightens around the front of the hoof to stabilize the hoof capsule and prevent the hoof from flexing, which helps to eliminate the pain. Since we cannot move the coffin bone back to the hoof wall, we apply a steady, gentle pressure, to move the hoof wall back to the coffin bone. The Hoof Cinch is designed to fix the mechanical portion of the founder, but horse owners must also work with their veterinarian to determine and address the underlying problem causing the founder. The Hoof Cinch is easy to install and remains on the hoof for a minimum of 12 – 16 weeks, to allow the bone to realign. No special trimming or shoeing is required. The bands are $60 per set and available in 3 sizes to accommodate miniatures up to draft horses. More in depth information as well as installation videos can be found on the website at www.hoofcinch.com or call 1-855-44CINCH.