Made to Order Part 2

Within the first few rides, Marlyn grew her confidence and was quite proud of her new skill. We had five to start at the time with four being half sisters! I was able to really get the feel of each filly’s natural abilities and tendencies. They were all very much like their mothers with a spark of their dad. If you know, you know! Marilyn innately had a handle, if you sat she would stop and draw back, if you brought her nose around she would turn correctly for a spin, she was even leaded and soft to your hands and legs. Pretty much a dream, I couldn’t get enough of it. She was just SUPER watchy! She would never wheel around and spook, she would just crouch, shake and crawl by whatever she saw. She has never given me reason to be concerned but I will admit, it took a couple weeks to not think of the worst case scenario.

I have been riding colts for ten years so I feel confident getting on colts. I want to believe that I have a pretty sticky seat but she is one of few that I feel could out move me. Even to this day she can get stopped and turned faster than me, even when I am prepared and asking for it! It can be a bit humbling at times. Marilyns first haul out was a interesting one! My sister and I loaded up and went to a trainer friends place to school our finished horses. Little did I know we were going to load back up and take the running bred colts to the river bottom to trot out. I was urged to take Marilyn along because the ground was going to be good! Im sure my face resembled the thoughts of crazy in my head, loaded my gear and threw her on the stock trailer. Little did anyone know that she had only four rides on her. Sitting in the back seat during the the short drive I was picturing myself getting on a fresh colt in a open and unfamiliar area, and then lawn darted into the sand..

Yep, worst case scenario.. I was assured by everyone that they all were getting on fresh colts and faced the same odds.. In my mind I foresaw us all eating dirt for lunch.. When I was little I did this kind of thing on the miniature horses I started, it was all fun and games and cheap entertainment for those around. I play things a little safer these days and do my best to prevent injury to myself. That day I decided to face it and accept my fate.. I would love to lay down a story about me loosing my hat, then getting pitched off into the sand before taking the walk of shame to fetch my things and my horse, but my filly decided that she was dead broke that day. Arriving at river bottom we found heavy equipment taking loads of sand, creating the perfect ground to play in! We long trotted about 3/4 of a mile up and then back down. Marilyn was more than a hand shorter than the running bred colts but she kept up and wanted to lead out. Marlyn got quite the introduction to her new career and I was pretty dang proud of my little blonde mare! Pt. 2 of our journey to the futurity!