PCQHYA July 2022 President’s Message

Hello PCQHA!

I am delighted to once again serve you all as the 2022 PCQHYA President and I am honored to be collaborating with an incredible group of PCQHYA Officers and Directors this year! As Youth President, my goal is to increase awareness of the work of the PCQHYA board and promote involvement in the next generation of leaders. The preparations for the summer season are looking bright I am delighted to share what we have planned!

First, I would like to recognize some of the amazing people supporting our California Youth. This year, we have an energetic group of PCQHYA Board members that are eager to make this year amazing! Additionally, we are supported by a wonderfully encouraging PCQHA Board of Directors. As always, they have been instrumental in allowing the Youth Board to organize events, fundraise, and explore new opportunities. In particular, PCQHA Office Manager Cece Campbell and Youth Chair Kellie Hinely are influential in working directly with the California youth team and PCQHYA directors. Working with this exceptional group of people, the PCQHYA Board has explored exciting new ideas for this season’s events. In the past several months, we have been working hard to plan for this year and I am confident that it will be a year to remember!

The Celebration Circuit in Las Vegas is kicking off the summer fun! The official PCQHA summer show is back with sizzling new additions! In addition to the incredible added money, prizes, and classes, the PCQHYA Youth Board has worked with the show management to include two unique youth fundraiser events. First, a jackpot has been added to the Senior Trail class. A portion of the proceeds from the jackpot event will go directly to the California youth. The rest of the proceeds will be paid out to the highest placing participating exhibitors! Be sure to enter the Senior Trail Jackpot for a chance to win money! We are excited to see the Senior Trail exhibitors show for a great payout and a great cause!

I could not be more thrilled to announce our second new event this year! For the first time, the PCQHYA Board will be hosting a ProAm Horsemanship Challenge at the Celebration Circuit! For this challenge, the youth board gathered teams with one professional and one Youth/Amateur rider. They will both complete a predetermined horsemanship pattern on the same horse. Each rider will be scored and the team’s total composite score will be calculated. During the event, each team will be auctioned off in a Calcutta to raise money for the California Youth. We have an amazing lineup of ProAm Horsemanship teams and are eager to host this event! Join us on July 7th after the conclusion of Western Riding, for a chance to support the California youth and see these amazing teams in action! Join the fun, support the California youth, and win big in Vegas!

The next major event of the season for the California Youth Team is the AQHA Youth World Championship Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The unique atmosphere, experience, and camaraderie of the Youth World is unparalleled by any other event. Aside from the competition, the Youth World show provides many opportunities for the California youth to unite as a team, work together, and create lasting friendships. Some of these opportunities are found in the various competitions hosted by AQHA throughout the show. These competitions include the prestigious stall decorating contest, boots and jeans decorating contest, art contest, speech contest, judging contest, and scrapbook contest. The PCQHYA Board has been collaborating with designers, the PCQHYA community, and vendors for the past several months to design team shirts, custom stall signs, and stall decorations for the show. Essential to the PCQHYA Youth World preparation process is gathering generous corporate sponsorships that offset some of the tremendous cost associated with the Youth World Show. These sponsors allow us to cover expenses for swamp cooler rentals, hospitality rooms, tack rooms, feed rooms, and contest supplies. Without our amazing family of PCQHYA Sponsors, we could not assist our California Youth fulfill their dreams of showing at the Youth World. On behalf of the 2022 PCQHYA Youth World Team, thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors for their generous support!

At the beginning of each year, AQHA releases a theme that they wish AQHYA to embody personally and within their Youth World contest preparations. The 2022 AQHA theme is “Build for the Future”. Regarding the theme, AQHA writes: “Drawing from the past and growing in the present allows AQHYA members to Build for the Future. By using their valuable experience and perspectives, youth members can build upon the foundation of the Association to help shape the future of their communities, the horse industry and themselves as leaders. AQHA challenges AQHYA members to be the visionaries of their future success, using their knowledge, dedication and passion for the American Quarter Horse to Build for the Future.” This statement displays AQHA’s campaign to mentor the younger generation to nurture flourishing leaders. Beyond the training and competition, AQHA hopes to provide a platform for younger members to learn invaluable life lessons and lead the future in new, unique, and innovative ways.

As I prepare to conclude my final year of youth and step out of the Youth World arena for the final time, I hope to echo AQHA’s mission of bringing up the next generation. As your 2022 PCQHYA President, my mission is to support those coming behind me who are eager to lead AQHA and PCQHYA. My youth career, my involvement in the PCQHYA Board for the past seven years, and my attendance at the AQHA Youth World Show for the past five years have unquestionably been some of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of my life. I am incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities that I have been given and for the countless people who have supported me along the way. This makes AQHA’s 2022 theme incredibly powerful to me. The extraordinary youth of the next generation are truly the future of our industry! Throughout the rest of this year, I encourage and challenge PCQHYA members to reach out and get involved! There are so many incredible memories waiting for you all and I cannot wait to see you do in the future! The incredible experiences, memories, and lessons rooted in PCQHYA involvement can never be replaced by any number of trophies or awards and their impact will last a lifetime! Amid the hustle of life and showing, I challenge each exhibitor to support the growth of our industry, explore the opportunities that it has to offer, and reflect on the amazing memories it has produced!

This summer, I hope that we can all implement AQHA’s challenge and enjoy the fun activities that the PCQHYA Youth Board has planned! If anyone has questions about an upcoming event or about getting involved, please reach out to me; I would love to hear from you! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events and showing you all the amazing plans that the PCQHYA Board has been working on! Wishing you all a blessed summer and safe travels!

Cassandre Ehrle

PCQHYA President