Time Well Spent

In this months column I am going to tell on myself. I am the type of person that typically will not say a word unless someone directly speaks to me. Some have seen me and probably thought that I’m not friendly and that I seem unapproachable. Truth is, I don’t bite! I promise, I really am friendly! I simply enjoy listening to my surroundings and keep most of my thoughts to myself. It doesn’t help that I’m a certified workaholic and tend to keep my nose to the ground. I don’t share often what has been on my mind however this time around I’ll share a tidbit with you.

These days time is a hot commodity, It feels like we never have enough of it. How often do you hear that there is never enough time in the day. We have 24 hours per day to get done what we feel needs to be done, to keep healthy you should be sleeping 8 of those hours! Naturally on average an additional 9 of those hours are purchased by our employer! After the some simple math that leaves us seven waking hours of the day to do something with our lives other than work and sleep. That’s right seven hours! I did this math three times to be sure that I was correct because surely seven is too big of a number.

This is where our priorities set in. How are we using our seven hours? Where are we investing it? Granted we have daily chores that need tending to, they themselves will eat up a portion of that time. I think often we let it get eaten up sitting online thumbing around, I know that I am sure guilty of it! Letting our time slip causes for multitasking while thinking of our next task to do. Leaving us with our right foot in one place and our left foot in another. Even now, I am typing this column while sitting in a zoom meeting! Killing two birds with one stone, right? Not necessarily. My effectiveness is severally lacking, I am not keeping up with information from my meeting and I am making many typos and forgetting my thoughts for this column. The fact that I just laid out before you really bums me out. A couple mottos that I like to rest back on are “Quality over quantity”and “less is more”. Our world is full of consumerism causing us to reach for more. Is that a bad thing? Well not in every case. Just remember that there are two sides to every coin, you simply can’t see both sides of your coin at the same time.

So what’s happening with this supposed time that we have and where is it going? How do we want to be using it vs. how we are spending it. How are we nourishing our mind and soul? Is our time spent with quality or quantity? Personally, I need to be more structured in my time spent working. I am that workaholic that stays outside until dusk. I was once told by someone “there is no excuse for excuses, only facts”. Recently I’ve been facing my facts and taking a good hard look on how I use my time and how to use it better.

We are all on our own walks through life, we all see quality in a different way. I hope this jaunt through my head might help you with a piece of your journey. I now will shoot you a wave and step off my soap box, its a little tall for me anyway. Provided is a picture of some time well invested.