Megan Thorne Masterfully Combines Business and Pleasure

Who says you can’t do it all while loving every minute of it?

Growing up on a ranch in Gilroy, Megan Thorne was destined to be a cowgirl. She dabbled in different disciplines to expand her skillsets and refine her passion for horses. She began riding in the western all around arena before moving into the reining and cow horse pen. However, she has come back to her roots, and today you can find her sitting pretty aboard her beautiful all around horses.

Megan’s parents were a huge influence on her riding career. Her mom showed in the western pleasure classes, while her dad was activity in the cutting industry. “They always encouraged me, and I learned patience and perseverance when working with horses.” Megan recalled. They instilled such a passion for horses in Megan, that once she graduated high school, she contemplated becoming a horse trainer. She decided to pursue a college education alongside her horse dreams. “During my college years, I rode in the cutting, learned how to start colts, as well as everything I could about cow-horses.” She shared. The horse training side of the horse industry was no longer calling her name, but she wasn’t quite sure what to do.

During her time in college, she had the opportunity to work for an online equestrian retail store in the marketing aspect of their business. This opened her eyes to a whole new world, and she fell in love with this line of work. “I realized I enjoyed the work, and it led me to pursue my degree in Web and Graphic Design and Marketing. I appreciate the hard work that goes into a project, especially the knowledge I gained about marketing, and that it is more than just buying and selling.” She said with a smile. “It is about cultivating relationships.”

Megan dove into the marketing world, taking in every ounce of knowledge that her coursework offered. Once she graduated, she decided to take her new abilities into the real world and see what more she could learn. She began working for the County of Kern in Library Services as a Graphic Designer. “I was able to learn hands-on skills. Over my years there, my job description changed from graphic designer to full-time marketer.” She explained. Her role evolved over time, as she was handling every aspect of marketing that could think of. “I was responsible for photography, videography, social media, content development, web design, staff training, graphic design, event development, and more.” She loved her work there but the lure was the horse began pulling her in another direction.

Knowing that her true passion was in horses, Megan began thinking of ways to put her talents to work in the horse industry. “I wanted to meet and help fellow horsemen and women achieve their business goals in every aspect of marketing.” Megan shared. “I understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into being a tremendous equestrian and liked the idea of combining my digital and marketing experience and equine pursuits.” After much consideration, she launched Mega Equine Marketing.

Mega Equine Marketing is a full-service design and marketing firm that focuses on building stand-out brands in the equine industry. Megan provides hands on expertise to create marketing content to attract potential new clientele. “We work with individuals and business clients in branding. We specialize in logo and graphics creation, advertisements, and product promotion. Additionally, we manage clients’ social media, create websites, and help clients develop an effective marketing strategy.” She loves every second of her job and looks forward to a prosperous future in the industry for both herself and her clients. She loves to tackle and problems a client make present to her and come up with viable solutions that are effective for everyone.

Mixing work and passion seems like an impossible dream for many, but Megan has mastered this. She has a variety of horses that are showing promise in many different arenas. Her main mount is a beautiful western all around mare named Unchippable Chatty. This mare has a big heart and will eventually be a family horse for the Thornes. “We are very excited for her future foal and my daughters to show her this year.” Megan revealed with joy. When Megan hands over the reins to her daughter, she is hoping that her now three-year-old mare will be able to step up and be her new partner. “Last year I started showing her and will continue to this year. She is doing great at the trainers and has potential.” The Thorne family also has a fun VS Code Blue yearling and is expecting another VS Code Blue and a High Brow Shiner to mix things up this year.

We asked Megan how she was able to have a booming business, a successful show career, a blooming breeding program and be a wonderful mother to two girls. She credits communication and an incredible family behind her that allows all of this to be a possibility. “I keep a tight schedule and establish boundaries, even though sometimes imbalance is unavoidable. During unbalance, I stay open with my family, who help me during vital times. My husband and mother have been exceptional in assisting me with the kids and family duties during project deadlines, meetings, horse shows, and work travel.”

Megan has a bright future ahead of her, both in and out of the arena. Her love for what she does will undoubtedly carry her through any circumstance. “I have had the opportunity to meet exceptional horsemen and women who have been a part of the industry for years to decades.” Megan said, explaining where her drive stems. “It is inspiring to meet these men and women and watch their support for riders who have just started to their peers.” She is honored and humbled to be able to play an avid role in providing exposure of this western lifestyle to the general public and aiding in bringing in new clients. “To me, the horse industry is a giant family from different walks of life that come together for the love of horses, and I’m happy to be a part of such a wonderful community.”

By Lauren Stanley