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NRHA Futurity Reminders & Move-In Info PDF Print E-mail
Written by Press Release   

NRHA futurityAs the summer nears its end, anticipation is building for this year’s National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity & Adequan North American Affiliate Championship Show in Oklahoma City, Okla. This year’s event is scheduled to start one day later and includes a new Level 1 Open Rider Challenge. Below are a few reminders and updates to consider when making plans for this year’s event.

NSBA Hosts Largest World Show To Date PDF Print E-mail
Written by Press Release   

NSBA World Championship Show and Breeders Championship Futurity See Big Increase in Participation

The 2014 NSBA World Championship Show and Breeders Championship Futurity, held August 9-17 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the largest show the association has held to date, with a 19 percent increase in stalls and an increase of 600 entries over last year, a 17 percent increase.

Watch Out for These Red Flags When Buying a Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Courtesy of   

Oh, those crafty sellers, disguising the deferred maintenance of their homes!

We’re not saying they’ll lie, but if they can get away with selling the house and not having to spend thousands of dollars on a moldy basement re-do?

Well, it’s hard to blame them: they want to make the most of their home investment, too.


Lane Ranch and Company Shines Bright on the Silver Screen PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stacie Campuzano   

For most ranchers the day begins early, goes late and revolves around managing stock animals. For George Lane, his wife Charlene and adult son Justin, the whole endeavor is a bit more star-studded. You’ve very likely seen their work in a variety of places without ever knowing it. Those horses galloping alongside cars in a salt flat for a Firestone tires commercial aren’t the result of computer graphics. They are the liberty horses of Lane Ranch and they really did gallop along with those cars for the commercial. And, that is just one aspect of what a day in the life at Lane Ranch is like.


Did You Know PDF Print E-mail
Written by Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily   

Who figured out how to use an ultrasound in mares? How long have ranchers looked for safer fencing? The Journal staff dug up some unique stories and facts behind some of the everyday items in our American Quarter Horse world, and we thought you’d like to hear them.

Quick-Change Stirrups

The next time you step into your western stirrup, take a peek under the fender and see how it adjusts. Chances are there’s a Blevins’ Quick-Change Buckle there (or a copy of it). Have you ever wondered where it came from?


Therapeutic Options PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ed Boldt, DVM Courtesy of AAEP   

horse-chiropractorDuring summer Olympics, some of the world’s finest equine athletes compete in various equestrian events. These are some of the elite performance horses attended to by team veterinarians. Many of these veterinarians utilized veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic in their treatment regimens for these outstanding athletes.

The use of “complementary” medicine continues to increase in veterinary practice. While there are a myriad of therapies that fall within this broad term, the two most utilized are veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic (sometimes referred to as manual therapy or spinal manipulative therapy).

Fitting the Sale Horse: It Pays to Prepare PDF Print E-mail
Written by Courtesy of NRCHA   

Horses consigned to the National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity Sales in Reno, Nev., are in one of the most important competitions of their lives, as they try to win a buyer willing to pay their maximum value. When sifting through hundreds of sale horses, a savvy shopper looks closely at conformation and pedigree. Those two qualities influence buyers to raise their hands at the auction, but to command top dollar, a horse must also look like a champion.


Practice, Patience, and Planning Take Four Young Riders to World Show Finals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stacie Campuzano   

Each year young riders spend countless hours at the barn preparing, weekends competing, and late nights staying on top of classroom studies to make their way to the American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Show. The Pacific Coast region is no stranger to talented young competitors. This year’s event held once again in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma August first through the ninth saw several young women reach great heights in the world finals.

Miss Callie Cat Gets the Call PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sally Harrison Courtesy of NCHA   

The cattle were tough, but Miss Callie Cat and Junie Wood were tougher.

Miss Callie Cat and Tarin Rice drew last to work in the first set of the NCHA Derby Finals, on Saturday, August 2, and marked the winning score of 224 points. Junie Wood, under John Mitchell, the first to work in the 22-horse horse finals, scored 220 points for reserve.


Fighting the Bit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jim & Lynda McCall Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily   

fighting the bitHelp your young horse learn to accept – and respond to – the bit

The Problem

I have been riding my 2-year-old gelding for about three months, but I still can’t seem to get him responsive to the bit. I had his wolf teeth removed before placing the bit in his mouth, so I’m sure that isn’t the problem.

Each time I pull on the reins, the colt gaps or opens his mouth. Of course, with his mouth open, the action of the bit is reduced, and I have less control over the young horse.


Why won’t this colt accept the bit, and what can I do to correct this problem?


Applying Acupuncture to Lameness in the Horse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Schoen Courtesy of AAEP   

horse-acupunctureVeterinary acupuncture and acutherapy are considered valid modalities, but the potential for abuse exists. These techniques should be regarded as surgical and/or medical procedures under state veterinary practice acts. It is recommended that extensive continuing education programs be undertaken before a veterinarian is considered competent to practice acupuncture.

From the AAEP Guidelines on Therapeutic Options


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