Ask The Judges

We have all heard the constant clucking in showmanship, wondering if we are the only ones that find it annoying. We have seen the top placing horses pivot on the wrong foot and questioned if anyone else noticed.

By Kelsey Hellmann
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Success From the Start

Success in the show pen is often something that takes multiple years and in many instances, several horses to make happen. 

Kate Sanchez
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Rodeo Vogue Purses

Let's talk purses! This is the holy grail of an outfit if we are being honest. A great purse may hold the contents of your life, well minus your kids!

Janzen Jackson
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Standing Still

A horse that stands quietly can be invaluable in and out of the arena. In everyday tasks involving your horse, it is useful to have a horse that has learned to stand still, calmly and patiently, without the company of other horses.

Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily
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