The Client/Trainer Relationship Equation

Sue Barton learned to ride in southern California when she was nine or ten, under the instruction of Jack Baker.  In the mid 80’s she developed her skills in the more specialized disciplines of trail and pleasure, with the help of Ray Junker.

Kate Sanchez
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Bug Off: Controlling Flies in the Barn

We all love spending time in the barn with our horses; but sometimes, the bugs can, well, bug us. While flies may be a fact of life, we can limit population their numbers, allowing us to enjoy the time that we spend in the barn even more.

Jennifer Roberts
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Coconuts in Horses

It seems that every few months a new nutritional fad appears with wild claims of the benefits to be realized from the latest new thing.

Win Wolcott
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Creep Feed

Knowing when and how to creep feed your foal is key to their health and development. You can help solidify your foal’s nutritional foundation by creep feeding during his first year. 

Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily
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Feeding Weanlings

You have followed your preferred method for weaning foals and you have followed the directions below: 

Courtesy of Nutrena Feed Room
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