Show Attire

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Look the part of the confident equestrian with advice on visual appeal. It’s no secret that horse show judges favor riders who exude confidence and convey strong communication-based partnership with their horses.

Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily
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Holiday Shopping

One-Day Holiday and Christmas Shopping Plan

Instead of aimlessly buying gifts throughout the season (a major wallet drain), use this shopping guide, chock-full of surprising strategies, to cross everything off your list in a single day.

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50th Annual Congress Super Sale Results Report

“The 50th Annual Congress Super Sale featured the New Yearling Sale Stakes Session, which was met with a lot of enthusiasm and support,” according to Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC.

Courtesy of Quarter Horse Congress
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Milk Replacer for Foals

A friend recently called, asking if I had bottles for foals. She explained that her mare had rejected her foal, and the said they were going to have to start feeding milk replacer.

Courtesy of Nutrena Feed Room
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Rider Health

Overcoming Knee Pain

An equestrian fitness expert explains how to manage knee pain from riding and how to avoid it in the future. Question: I suffer knee pain after I ride. Is there anything I can do to strengthen my knees?

Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily
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