Nancy Keegan on Finding Excellence in Riding

The title of 2014 AQHA Amateur Champion was just awarded to Nancy Keegan of Los Angeles, California. It is an accomplishment that has come from a long journey of following a passion for horses and learning from them along the way.

Stacie Campuzano
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Fighting the Bit

Help your young horse learn to accept – and respond to – the bit. A horse’s mouth is an extremely sensitive structure. Treat it with respect, and the rewards of riding a truly responsive horse will be yours. Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily

Dr. Jim & Lynda McCall
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Miss Callie Cat Gets the Call

The cattle were tough, but Miss Callie Cat and Junie Wood were tougher. Miss Callie Cat and Tarin Rice drew last to work in the first set of the NCHA Derby Finals, on Saturday, August 2, and marked the winning score of 224 points.

Sally Harrison, Courtesy of NCHA
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Therapeutic Options

During summer Olympics, some of the world’s finest equine athletes compete in various equestrian events. These are some of the elite performance horses attended to by team veterinarians.

Press Release
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Applying Acupuncture to Lameness in the Horse

Veterinary acupuncture and acutherapy are considered valid modalities, but the potential for abuse exists. These techniques should be regarded as surgical and/or medical procedures under state veterinary practice acts.

Allen Schoen, Courtesy of AAEP
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Ask The Vet

The Pre-Purchase Examination

I am buying a horse and a lameness exam seems a waste of money. What is really important to know and tests be taken when considering buying a horse?

Courtesy of AAEP
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Managing Sweet Itch

Sweet itch is the common name used to describe an allergic reaction to the bite of the midge Culicoides.  These tiny terrors don't look any more threatening than fruit flies but for horses allergic to the saliva in their bites they start an agonizing cycle of itching, rubbing, hair loss and skin breakdown.

Dr. Eleanor Kellon
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