Ask the Judges

As an exhibitor, there often comes a time where questions arise about the common showing trends, maneuvers and what is being looked for specifically in a class.

Kelsey Hellmann
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Alessandra Ehrle & Hot N Blazing Scotch

Today’s youth exhibitors are driven and inspiring young adults. They are developing into mentors for the next generation of show kids. And sixteen-year-old equestrian Alessandra Ehrle is no exception!

By Kelsey Hellmann
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Let Georgie Do It

A horse may have never been more appropriately named than John Rockey’s gelding, Let Georgie Do It.  The duo clinched the 2016 NCHA Amateur Horse of the Year title, and Rockey says that no matter what, his horse shows up to work in the show pen.

Kate Sanchez
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Show News

Silver Dollar Rises and Shines Again in 2017

The show circuit goes above and beyond for another stellar year. Want to get away?  Every year, more and more exhibitors and their horses are discovering the allure of Silver Dollar Circuit as more than just a horse show; it has become a destination.

Delores Kuhlwein
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So So Good and Sarah Finkle

Competing with horses as a youth exhibitor can be both exhilarating and disappointing for those showing. In the youth divisions, the competition can be very tough with the vast majority having their hearts set on the coveted title of World Champion.

Kelsey Hellman
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Trail Competition

Locked On Trail

At first glance a printed trail pattern can make the whole class seem very overwhelming. Deciphering between the dotted lines, dashed lines and where those looping solid lines go is enough to ensue a headache after reading.

Kelsey D. Hellmann
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