Solid as The Rock

Rock solid: extremely reliable and unlikely to change; it’s something that every horse owner looks for in their equine partner, not to mention a breeding animal.

Kate Sanchez
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Breeding Contract Check-Up

Breeding season begins soon. Stallion managers and owners can plan ahead by reassessing and, where warranted, updating their contracts. How? Here are a few suggestions.

Julie I. Fershtman, Attorney at Law
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Cutting In Style

Exhibitors cut over 2,000 head of cattle during the annual All American Quarter Horse Congress Cutting event at the Coliseum in Columbus, Ohio.

Barbara Aitken Jenkins
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Natasha Replogle

Horses. Dogs. Family. These are just three of the many subjects that take precedent in fourteen-year-old, Natasha Replogle’s exciting life.

Kelsey Hellmann
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