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Don’t Miss Getting Your New Horse

“Bidding closes on June 21 and 22 for the two Internet horse auctions produced by Professional Horse Services, LLC,” announces Mike Jennings of the auction company management team.


Wyo Quarter Horse Sale Brings Buyers From 21 States

May 20, 2017 marked the 34th Annual May Sale held by the Smith family and H. B. “Woody” Bartlett in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Totally 50 sales have been held by this group including 16 September Sales. 


Inaugural Scottsdale Event

Cutting horse enthusiasts from across the West celebrated the return of a major National Cutting Horse Association event to Arizona by competing at the Scottsdale Nationals. 


IEA Creates Zone for the Western Discipline

The Board of Directors of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) recently approved a proposal to re-organize the structure of the Western discipline beginning in the 2017-2018 season.



Ask The Judges

We have all heard the constant clucking in showmanship, wondering if we are the only ones that find it annoying. We have seen the top placing horses pivot on the wrong foot and questioned if anyone else noticed.

Samantha Petersen & Check My Guccis

Samantha Petersen is an enthusiastic youth exhibitor with a passion for showing. She is competitive and is always working towards becoming a better rider.

Success From the Start

Success in the show pen is often something that takes multiple years and in many instances, several horses to make happen. 

Rodeo Vogue – Purses

Let's talk purses! This is the holy grail of an outfit if we are being honest. A great purse may hold the contents of your life, well minus your kids!